4th and 5th of July 2019

    1. Serbian Folk Music. Instructor: Jelena Ćirić. 2.00-5.00 pm
    2. Overtone singing. Instructor: Tómas Manoury. 9.00-12.00 am
    3. Singing Bluegrass Music. Instructor: Paul Kirby. 2.00-5.00 pm
    4. Houses in Siglufjord. Instructor: Örlygur Kristfinnsson. 9.00-12.00 am
    5. Children’s course on folk music. Instructor: Anna Jónsdóttir. 9.00-12.00 am


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Description of the courses

Serbian Folk Music. Instructor: Jelena Ćirić

Serbia has a rich tradition of powerful, a cappella vocal music. Originally sung in the countryside during farm work and social gatherings, these songs are invigorating and energising to sing. Their harmony and structure show the diverse influences, from east and west, that have shaped Serbian music. Participants will learn two-part songs from the repertoire, as well as the technique necessary to produce the strong tone characteristic of vocal music from the Balkan region.

Jelena Ciric mynd.jpg

Jelena Ćirić was born in Serbia but grew up in Canada. She now lives in Iceland. She is a composer and conducts the choir Klidur in Reykjavik.

Overtone singing. Instructor: Tómas Manoury

In the course, basic techniques of overtone singing will be introduced as well as the physics on which it is based. You will listen to examples of traditional music from different parts of the world where the use of overtones is prominent.

Tómas Manoury mynd.jpg

Tómas Manoury is a saxophone player, composer and works on electronic music. He discovered throat and overtone singing at the age of 15, which has been an inherent part of his career as a musician ever since. Tómas will share the extensive influence that this singing technique has had on his own music.

Bluegrass singing. Instructor: Paul Kirby

How about a course in the basics of bluegrass singing: how to shape a melody, how to get the classic sound without hurting your voice, how to find the harmony parts that work.

Paul Kirby.jpg

Paul Kirby (USA/Norway) is a trained classical singer with Masters Degrees in Opera Performance (Boston University) and Management (BI Oslo). After years singing classical music across Europe, he returned to the music of his youth: the fiddle tunes and songs of Appalachia. In addition to his active classical singing and teaching, he leads the Oslo-based bluegrass band Moving Day! and relishes the opportunity to perform with Americana groups The Expats and Feleboga. Paul Kirby has proven himself an effective masterclass teacher in Americana singing, by developing a supportive, fun environment that combines the highlights of healthy bel canto singing and the sound of the Appalachian mountains.

The houses in Siglufjord and their story. Instructor: Örlygur Kristfinnsson

At the course, the story of old houses in Siglufjord will be told and we will get to know the people that once lived there. We will walk around the town and read the history of the past.


Örlygur Kristfinnsson was the first director of the Herring Era Museum in Siglufjord. He is a painter and has written books about Siglufjord.

Children’s course on folk music. Instructor: Anna Jónsdóttir

The course will be an odyssey into the world of Icelandic folk songs. We explore simple dances and learn how to make a simple accompaniment to some songs.