Free courses

8th and 9th of July 2021Uwe Eschner mynd dökkRagnheiður Gröndal mynd 2Sandra Sano mynd afró

A. African dance and drumming course. Students explore the culture of Guinea in West Africa by dancing, singing and drumming. The dances are taught with live drumming and students learn to play on djémbe drums. Instructors: Mamady and Sandra Sano.

B. Arrangements of folk songs. Workshop with instrumentalists and singers. Instructors: Ragnheidur Gröndal and Gudmundur Pétursson

C. How to play the ukulele. Icelandic songs taught by playing the ukulele. The course will be in Icelandic and English. Instructor: Uwe Eschner, Germany

D. Brasilian drumming course for youngsters from 12 years old. Instructor: Rodrigo Lopes.

E. Adventure similar to Dungeon & Dragons for 5-12 years old. Instructor: Jakob Fjólar Gunnsteinsson.


Registration by or +354 4672300.